Do YouLike to Eat?: Operation Pollination by Christopher E Stein

Operation Pollination recognizes the importance of pollinator habitat both restored and maintained on public and private lands.  Through collaboration and outreach, an interconnected mosaic of pollinator habitat interspersed between public and private land will be developed to stabilize and/or increase populations of pollinator species throughout your project area. Operation Pollination is an inclusive partnership project initiated
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Getting to know you fellowship meeting – Zoom rooms

Fun Conversation and small group chats abound in our 20 minute Zoom Room sessions. Our fellowship events vary in format to keep things interesting and allow us to explore what works for our members and visitors. All are Welcome, friends, guests, visitors and members!!

A Human Touch: Enhancing Service through Technology

Marwan Saab's career began in Canada in the world of advertising and digital agencies before he transitioned to the UAE, where he led creative and strategic projects for major global brands. His expertise spans across the creative and digital spectrums, earning him recognition in the advertising industry. Driven by a passion for technology and a
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Poetry Competition – Call to Action

The Poetry Competition From the Rotary e-Club of Innovation a competition, open to all, where Rotarians and others can contribute their thoughts their words, their humour, their talent and a little bit of cash in aid of our Rotary Charities It is often said, there is a book or a poem inside everyone. So, get
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CLUB MEMBERS EVENT ONLY – WCCM (Whole Club Council Meeting)

This is a Member Only meeting to make business decisions for the club and allows for fellowship. It uses a special link that will be sent to members with reports before the event. We also issue special invitations to members who are about to join the club so that they can get familiar with our
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How to make Seniors cycle 5,7 times around the globe?

Our speaker this week on WEDNESDAY 20th March 2024 19.00 for a 19.30 Start GMT …  How to make Seniors cycle 5,7 times around the globe? Road Worlds for Seniors - Innovative activities and events for Dementia patients Torbjørn Langeland Chief Executive Officer Speaker Bio Tobjorn's career took him through various domains, including radiation therapy, missionary
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