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Change to By-Laws for membership status

A request for consideration of a proposed bylaws modification brought about by long term club members giving consideration to resigning membership in Rotary for various personal reasons. 

In an effort to accommodate those members with an alternative to resigning membership I am putting forth this request. 

Article 11 Amendments  

These bylaws may be amended at any regular club meeting or posting request on the MS TEAMS Intranet under the Whole Club Council channel under the Club Stuff Team. Changing the club bylaws requires sending written notice to each member 21 days before the meeting, having a quorum present for the vote, and having two-thirds of the votes support the change. Proxy votes will be accepted. 


The eClub of Innovation currently has senior/ long term members wishing to have a lesser responsibility in the club; 

and Whereas: 

There currently is no existing form or membership status that would accommodate or recognize the service of such members; 


Pursuant to eClub of Innovation Bylaws  Article 11   Amendments:  

And consistent with Standard Rotary Club Constitution, the RI Constitution and Bylaws, and the Rotary Code of Policies: 

I would propose the following as an amendment to the existing eClub of Innovation Bylaws with respect to members; 

A new member status of Emeritus Member be created as a sub status under an Honorary status.  

Article 1 – 8. Membership**:          

RAM is a full active member defined by RI 

HAM is recognized by our club as a Honorary Active Member with full rights   



It’s function would be: 

An awarding to those Rotarian’s who are long term exemplary members of the Club and Rotary who, for various reasons, can no longer actively participate in regular meetings/events. This status is to be considered an honor for service and gives the recipient a continuation of belonging to the Club.  

It is further proposed that: 

  1. Emeritus members shall not vote

 b. Emeritus members may participate fully in all club meetings with the exception of A. above.   

  1. Emeritus members shall not be elected to nor hold office
  2. Shall not propose new members to the club. They may, however, introduce people to the club to be proposed by another member.                                                                 
  3. Are exempt from attendance requirements
  4. Do not pay dues or fees

Method of proposal for status change would be pursuant to Article 10 by adding to said article: 

Section 1-b 

A current member shall request, on behalf of another member, a change in status to Emeritus member by making said request, in writing, to the Membership Chair stating their reason(s) for said request. Only members in good standing may make the request on behalf of the member being proposed for a change in status. 

The Membership Chair shall acknowledge said request, in writing, and within seven days, forward the request to the Board for their consideration.  

Section 1 –c 

The Board shall meet and approve or reject the candidate’s membership status change request no more than seven days after notification by the Membership Chair of said request and shall notify the requesting member of its decision within that time frame.  

Where this honor/status is approved it shall be conferred upon the member at a special meeting called for this purpose or at a Whole Club Council meeting and presented by the current President 

It is further proposed that this status remain in effect until revoked by the Board.   

Any revocation of status by the Board shall be placed on the agenda and reported to the membership at the first business meeting following the revocation of status. 

Respectfully submitted: 

Jack R.E. Davis, Honorary Active Member